Itzchak Naishlos

The company clients


There follows a partial list of the company clients:


Chemical and petrochemical industry 


  • Oil Refineries Ltd., Haifa
  • Carmel Olefins Ltd.
  • Paz Ashdod Refinery Ltd.
  • Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd., Haifa
  • Gadiv Petrochemical Industries Ltd.
  • Basic Oils Haifa Ltd.
  • Dor Chemicals Ltd.



Various industries

  • Nilit Ltd.
  • Mekorot Israel National Water Company Ltd.
  • Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd.
  • Osem Ltd.
  • Strauss Elite Ltd.
  • Tnuva Ltd.
  • Zohar Dalia Ltd.


Various companies and institutions

  • Israel Electrical Corp.
  • The Ministry of Defense - The Section of Air Force and Navy construction
  • Rafael - Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.
  • Technion - Israel Institue of Technology
  • Baran Engineering and Projects ltd.
  • Nirosoft Industries Ltd.